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1640 Ross Clark Circle, Dothan, AL 36301
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+1 334-671-2084

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  • Sarrah Dutkofski
    Apr, 23 2018
    ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
    My husband and I went to dinner here, the prices absolutely do not match the atmosphere and or quality of food. The atmosphere is extremely run down, booth cushions torn to shreds, stuffing in cushions in the booth and chairs exposed coming out and or just horrible looking. Atmosphere very dark and dismal, I can only say it was so dark due to the level of how bad the inside of the place looked. To shed light on the place would absolutely make you think twice in dining and or spending the prices they are asking. The food was not what you would expect at $19-$24 a plate. My husbands dish had to be sent back because half of it came out cold. My food the vegetables where hard, scallops half where burned and half where undercooked. The salads where served with way to much dressing the salad was swimming in the dressing. About the only positive was the soup. And on a side note the majority of the staff including the cooks where Mexican and couldn't hardly speak English. Even our server was having difficulty understanding us and despite that there where only two others dining while we where there, she was late getting our drink order and then was late getting the drinks to us. When we did finally receive the main dishes I asked for chop sticks and due to the language barrier I had to use my fingers to sign for chop sticks and then he pointed to the caddy on the table shoved with condiments and soy sauce with paper wrapped chop sticks you would find in a to go dish for Chinese food, not customary for a Japanese upscale place. Just Cheap! Also noticed that the caddy as well as the plastic advertisement for cocktails where all disgustingly dirty, sticky, and covered in gross film. Just made me feel over all unclean place. We where horribly disappointed and more upset at the prices verses the quality. This is a franchise but I bet in Atlanta or any other city for that matter you wouldn't see or have this happening. As someone that has had good Japanese habachi dinners, I can say this is a place I do not care or feel the price is worth the food atmosphere and service your being provided. It was more like a run down Wendy's in Japanese. Horrible and WAY OVER PRICED!! I only clicked a star because you have to in order to even rate this place, but this place in my opinion doesn't even deserve a star!
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